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Colin Macleod

Bloodlines CD Album

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Release Date: 18/05/2018

Discs: 1

On May 18, BMG will release Bloodlines, Colin Macleod’s debut album - a heartfelt assortment of songs that delve deep into his ancestry, background and lifestyle from the rugged landscapes, to the fishing villages and remote Gaelic-speaking communities. Communities that go back 600 years. A land full of mystery and magic tucked away in the Hebrides ‘Isle of Lewis’ which is home for this multi-faceted artist and renaissance man. It’s the perfect backdrop and setting for stories to be whisked up, imagination provoked running wild, thus creating a massive amount of inspiration.

Comprised of eleven gorgeously woven songs that bear many emotions from dreamy, to moody and exhibit a wide range in musicality that’s both modern and epic, Bloodlines was produced by the revered Ethan Johns (Kings of Leon, Ryan Adams). It’s folk music in one aspect of Scottish folklore with the makeup and appeal for a wide audience. Close your eyes and you see the landscapes, rolling hills, wide open space and cinematic settings. Bloodlines takes us home.

1. Kicks In
2. Runrun
3. Feels Like
4. What Does It Mean To You?
5. Old Fire
6. 100 Miles
7. Homesick Daughter
8. Dream
9. Shake The Walls
10. Ria
11. Bloodlines (Waking Hours)